Summer Reads



This post I’ve decided I would try to do some lifestyle so I’m gonna be showing you my favourite summer reads. I am not much of a reader so the fact that I read so many books this summer is a major accomplishment! Hope you like and tell me if theres anything you would want me to write about for some new topic ideas

The Fault in Our Stars-John Green: You are probably sick of hearing people talk about this book, but you wanna know why people talk about it so much. Its because its such an amazing book! Its such a touching story and it’s so well writing so I absolutely recommend anyone to read it!


If I Stay-Gayle Forman: Since the movie was coming out I wanted to read it before I went to see the movie. I thought that the book was much better than the movie. Again it was really well writing and it caught your attention right from the beginning, though some parts were a bit slow the book was very entertaining.


Where She Went-Gayle Forman: Where she went is the sequel from If I stay, it takes place 3 years after the accident, and instead of it being from the perspective of Mia it’s Adam narrating the story. I found some parts a bit confusing especially the beginning but it just gets better and better from then on.


-Centerr Piece ❤


Top 3 Cleansers





Hi Everyone! So I decided to put the cleansers/scurbs first since it went with the toner. These are my 3 absolute favourite of all the cleansers I’ve bought. All 3 of these are great for different things.

DermOrganic: I love this one since it washes my face and it also removes all the makeup. As you can probably read on the bottle it says anti-aging personally I like anti-aging products because they really make my face feel very fresh and clean.

Herbalism: Herbalism is a face scrub from lush so its natural and non animal tested which is great. It does a very deep cleanse which is nice and it cleans really well. Though the smell is a little odd it has a very earthy like smell but if you can get past that it’s great!

St.Ives: This is also a great cleanser. I find it has a bit of both the cleansers it has a bit of ruffles like a scrub so it does a deep cleanse and the smooth and creaminess of the DermOrganic. So it leaves your skin very soft and again very clean, and it smells so delicious 😛

-Centerr Piece ❤

Best Toner

IMG_4612 Hi everyone, I’ve been really into blogging so I’m gonna start blogging more often hope you enjoy! I’ve been Raving about this toner! It’s my absolute favourite. I’ve been using this for the summer since my skin becomes very oily. You spray it directly on your face or onto a cotton pad then remove the access, it leaves your face refreshed and clean. I recommend using it after washing your face with some sort of cleanser. Ill have a few cleanser recommendations going up tomorrow. -Centerr Piece ❤

Top 3 Moisturizing balms





These are my top three lippies from high quality to drug store.

Nivea: The formula of the Nivea Essential is very creamy so you only need a small amount to get lots of moisture, it leaves your lips with a shine to them. This balm also has a greasy formula.


Burt’s Bees: This is my absolute favourite of all! The formula is not very creamy, but is great if you have chapped lips! The original one is my favourite since it’s very cooling on your lips.


Dior Lip Glow: This balm has a creamy formula but a little less than the Nivea. It has a soft pink tint to it which is suppose to change to your temperature and it has a great smell of vanilla. Though it is a little on the pricy side i bought it at a department store for around 40$. The for 4/5 is the price.


-Centerr Piece ❤

Too Faced Glamour To Go Palette






While I was away I wanted to find a nice palette with some more basic colours like brown black white and gold and I found the perfect palette, at a reasonable price of around 10$. Unfortunately my skin is too dark for either the blush or the bronzer to show up. But I love the eyeshadow colours the other night i went to a concert and used white and brow and it lasted all night! 


NYX retractable White Eye liner (Water Proof)




Hi everyone! For summer I wanted to have a bit of a pop of colour in my makeup since when thinking of summer most tend to think about lots of fun summer colours! So I decided to get some fun eye liners. I didn’t want to spend too much since there are only 2 months of summer where I’m from so, I went on a budget. I bought two of the NYX retractable eye liners in purple and in white. I absolutely adore them. The formula of it is creamy so it glides on smoothly and gives a nice pop of colour. I would absolutely recommend them for anyone looking for an inexpensive eyeliner that is still great quality!