Summer Reads



This post I’ve decided I would try to do some lifestyle so I’m gonna be showing you my favourite summer reads. I am not much of a reader so the fact that I read so many books this summer is a major accomplishment! Hope you like and tell me if theres anything you would want me to write about for some new topic ideas

The Fault in Our Stars-John Green: You are probably sick of hearing people talk about this book, but you wanna know why people talk about it so much. Its because its such an amazing book! Its such a touching story and it’s so well writing so I absolutely recommend anyone to read it!


If I Stay-Gayle Forman: Since the movie was coming out I wanted to read it before I went to see the movie. I thought that the book was much better than the movie. Again it was really well writing and it caught your attention right from the beginning, though some parts were a bit slow the book was very entertaining.


Where She Went-Gayle Forman: Where she went is the sequel from If I stay, it takes place 3 years after the accident, and instead of it being from the perspective of Mia it’s Adam narrating the story. I found some parts a bit confusing especially the beginning but it just gets better and better from then on.


-Centerr Piece ❤


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