Top 3 Cleansers





Hi Everyone! So I decided to put the cleansers/scurbs first since it went with the toner. These are my 3 absolute favourite of all the cleansers I’ve bought. All 3 of these are great for different things.

DermOrganic: I love this one since it washes my face and it also removes all the makeup. As you can probably read on the bottle it says anti-aging personally I like anti-aging products because they really make my face feel very fresh and clean.

Herbalism: Herbalism is a face scrub from lush so its natural and non animal tested which is great. It does a very deep cleanse which is nice and it cleans really well. Though the smell is a little odd it has a very earthy like smell but if you can get past that it’s great!

St.Ives: This is also a great cleanser. I find it has a bit of both the cleansers it has a bit of ruffles like a scrub so it does a deep cleanse and the smooth and creaminess of the DermOrganic. So it leaves your skin very soft and again very clean, and it smells so delicious 😛

-Centerr Piece ❤


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